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A Sea of Being is an exhibition series on Butoh with the dancer Mirjam Morad. Butoh was inspired by German Ausdruckstanz of the 1930s and given shape in postwar Japan. Mirjam Morad and I searched for ways of re-living, re-embodying memory that is within our boundaries of perception. Our process was closely connected to and inspired by nature and the understanding of the world as one single, breathing entity. In 2015 we published the same titled print publication with the print designer Agnes Steiner, Büro AgS. Visual artist and writer Nourit Masson-Sékiné provided the foreword.

Bi-lingual English Japanese Edition 2015 | Softcover 80 Pages | 34×24 cm | 90 Photos in b|w and Color ISBN 978-3-200-04371-8

Mirjam sadly passed away in spring 2020.

Images taken from A Sea of Being were on display or featured at Life Magazine Shanghai CN, Tanz Magazin Berlin DE, Art Habens Berlin DE, Vizualizator Festival Belgrade RS, Gallery Andrea Jünger Vienna AT, Photo Book Festival Vienna AT, Photon Gallery Vienna AT and MAK Museum of Applied Arts Vienna AT.

Fine art prints, limited edition 2012 - 2015