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Blosme (a) a flower, blossom, bloom; a flower bud; (b) fig. something of exceptional beauty or excellence;

The series Blosme dwells on beauty. I photographed dry leaves of Lunaria annua (Annual honesty) and in the following process light projections with fabrics, flowers and pieces of broken glass. Finding narratives within these elaborated, ever changing and delicate structures became a peaceful practice. It made me aware of my own fragile self and the concept of impermanence. To quote the Greek philosopher Plutarch […] if the nature which is measured is subject to the same conditions as the time which measures it, this nature itself has no permanence, nor being, but is becoming and perishing according to its relation to time.

A selection of Blosme was on display at Gallery Andrea Jünger Vienna AT.

Fine art prints, limited edition 2017 - 2019