Closeness examines ways we are connected, approach or leave one another, in what way ties exist, just discovered or experienced for years.

On display are two people with close or more loose ties towards each other, sharing touch free of a guideline or script. The protagonists sit in black clothes in front of a black wall, I use an upright picture format and a single lighting source. Closeness allows the exploration of touch from a rather physical quality to the one felt from the inside. The photographic images may open the floor for a discussion on art historical references, physis, socio-political perceptions and a spirituality that is anchored in the applied arts over centuries.

Over time I became aware of issues of individual and collective trauma and the transformative power of touch, without intention or judgement. There is also a political aspect to it. Closeness raises questions about heritage, belonging and how to locate people in a national and geographical space.

I understand Closeness as a valuable lens through which to look at fundamental changes in our society, an open space to ruminate over human interaction and its value to our own existence.

Closeness was presented at Hong Kong Arts Center | Goethe Gallery & Black Box Studio, Wan Chai HK and Künstlerhaus Vienna AT.

C4 photo prints, mounted in shadow frames, limited edition 2016 - 2020