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Gras addresses questions of oscillation and stand-still, dizziness and balance and is composed of twelve larger-than-life images of the performer and choreographer Georg Blaschke, situated in an on-going installation. The body becomes the underlying ground for serial choreographic arrangements and superimpositions of organic substances, which provoke formal bodily extensions in the images, perceived as inner and outer landscapes.

The setting allows a sensual experience on the borderline of perception and results in an interplay between image, choreography and action, an intimate dance on the horizon of focus and haziness. The aim is not to display individual sceneries on the surface level but to see the unseen, to inquire what meets the eye underneath the obvious and familiar. Gras was accompanied by a brochure and a fine art postcard edition. Print design by Agnes Steiner, Büro AgS.

One of the greatest challenges in today’s culture, urgently necessary from a political point of view, is how to bring analytical skills to bear on the perceptual physiological language of the image, an event and not an object - constantly changing, living and growing. Bill Viola, Unseen Images 1992

Gras was presented at Vizualizator Festival Belgrade RS, Austrian Cultural Forum Rome IT and Budapest HU, Gallery Andrea Jünger Vienna AT, Kunsthaus Muerz Mürzzuschlag AT, Odaada Gallery Vienna AT, Impulstanz Festival Vienna AT, Tanz Ist Dornbirn AT and Tanztage Burgenland AT. Many thanks to Andrea Jünger, Liz King, Karl Regensburger, Marija Ilkic, Isben Onen and Günter Marinelli for the generous support.

C4 photo prints, mounted, fine art prints, limited edition 2013