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Traces follows the dots between photography and painting, estranged and hidden places, implicit in both types of media. Flower petals, fallen leaves and fabrics open doors while others close, touch upon an ever changing sensual landscape. The dancer Maartje Pasman moves in a dimly lit space while traces of light illuminate her skin, marking the perimeters of her inner universe and reaffirming a sense of self. Manual slide projectors paint multi-layered structures, the images taken are process-based, sudden appearances on the horizon of our senses.

One of the visual layers on display consists of a painting of Maartje, done by the painter Lucia Riccelli and photographed on color slide film. Traces is a journey through flickering light. We search for an open field, an unknown place that we touch with our imaginative hands.

Traces was on display at Gallery Felix Höller Vienna AT.

Fine art prints, mounted in shadow frames, limited edition 2017 - 2019