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#whatremains tells a personal story about Margarete, my grandmother who passed away in 2017. She lived in the same apartment in Vienna, Austria since the 1950s, most of the time by herself, facing a growing dementia and loss of touch with the world outside. Over the years she created her own universe of fabrics, wooden toys and dolls, covered in light and gradually, in dust.

During summer I began to document her refuge with the aim to share an inner image, an inner logic that lied underneath what seemed to be a randomness of forgotten property. A few images show the apartment empty, an appearance so new to me and almost a shock. It felt as if these walls could speak, silent witnesses of a period of time that no longer is.

#whatremains was featured at Ö1 Austrian Broadcasting. A selection of work is on display at Anzenberger Agency Vienna AT.

Fine art prints, limited edition 2017